We take a three-sided approach to combat the human trafficking epidemic.

The core foundation of our initiatives revolve around awareness, prevention, and aftercare. Each initiative of Eye Heart World is tailored to impact one of these three essential areas to meet a particular need.

Victim Response Bags

VRB stands for Victim Response Bags. When a young lady is taken from a trafficking situation she often has little to no clothing or personal items at that moment. Victims often feel exposed, uncomfortable, and unsafe during this vulnerable time. We supply first responders around the U.S. with Victim Response Bags filled with the basic essentials survivors need in order to feel supported as they begin their journey to restoration.

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Community Awareness

It takes motivated people to make profound change to human rights issues like human trafficking. This is why Eye Heart World is dedicated to promoting awareness in communities across the U.S. through avenues such as documentary screenings, awareness & fundraising events, church functions, and other opportunities. Additionally, Eye Heart World has developed a program called Cause Carriers that empowers people to get involved and make an impact where they live.

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Walk the Cause

Walk the Cause is a collaborative initiative and product line with Smeraglia and Co. Goldendoodles. The sale of every Walk the Cause collar and leash set goes toward placing hypoallergenic therapy dogs in human trafficking aftercare homes. These wonderful pups live with the girls and even tag along to therapy sessions, providing unconditional love and promoting healing.

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The Heart Tour

The Heart Tour is a one-day event that engages young girls who are at risk for human trafficking. Each event provides targeted education, tips for staying safe and speaks to the individual's worth and value. Through our alliances with local youth mentorship programs, Eye Heart World is able to sponsor every girl to attend this event, and receive the guidance they need to become strong women in their communities.

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Youth Prevention Program

The mission of this program is to educate young people on the dangers of human trafficking, arm them with the information to protect themselves, and empower them to leave exploitative situations or help others do so. The Youth Prevention Program is a curriculum that engages students across various classroom settings at schools, after school programs, and youth mentorship programs.

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Aftercare Homes

While there is much work to be done on prevention, there is an even larger need for aftercare resources for females of all ages who have escaped trafficking situations. These individuals require a safe, reliable place to call home that can provide specialized, holistic care tailored to their recovery. Eye Heart World is in the development of such a program with hopes of opening the first home in 2016.

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