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Running With Her Fingers

  We love getting to share the stories of people who have taken the issue of sex trafficking on as their own, personal mission.  It’s these people who make an active, tangible difference for the cause and stem the tide of trafficking.  And one of the greatest such friends of Eye Heart World is Sister Celine Goessl. For years Sister Celine has done amazing work in Wisconsin raising awareness about the reality of trafficking.  When we first met Sister Celine a couple of years ago she said “I came out of retirement for the second time to step into this mission…”  Her passion and drive to fight trafficking are an inspiration!  She has educated thousands of people and been an...

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Run For Home

  We know that there are a lot of people who want to get involved and make an impact on trafficking victims. So we've created the Run For Home campaign as a way for you to use employ your influence and network to raise funds to open The Rose Home!   Run For Home is a new take on the traditional run - instead of a one-time, one-day run, it's a month-long marathon. So you can log your miles throughout the month of May to reach 26.2,  all while you engage your friends and family and invite them to join you in creating a home for human trafficking survivors in Green Bay, WI.   It's so easy to get involved!  1....

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Whatever We Can Do, However Long It Takes

  What do letters, coffee, self-defense, and tattoo removal have in common? They're an example of the fact that we will do whatever we can do to ensure that a young lady feels supported on her journey to healing and independence! To illustrate this, allow us to tell you the story of one of our precious young ladies. December 2015… we were given a referral from the chaplain at the local county jail, asking us to meet with a young inmate who had been involved in trafficking for quite some time. Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity! We met with her and she shared with us her story of being trafficked, that she grew up in foster care, had no...

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Finding Freedom Inside A Jail Cell

  What does Eye Heart World do?  How can we help girls?  Do you provide any services?   These are all questions that we answer on a regular basis.  Instead of answering them, let me share a story of one of the girls that we helped. We received a referral from our contact at the jail, she had an 18 year old female inmate who had been involved in trafficking with a pimp and wanted to get out of the life.  I got a team of two Outreach Team members to respond and go to meet with her.   I spoke with the ladies after their meeting and both of them felt strongly about helping this young lady and described her desire...

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Taking Action

  What was your first thought when you heard about the issue of human trafficking? Shock. Horror. Fear. Anger. I felt all of those. Then, I felt resolve.  I felt a stirring. I felt the need to do something about it.  As I share about this issue, more and more, I see people wanting to do something.  They want to help the survivors of trafficking and want to help stop this issue from destroying our children and communities. They have so many questions. How do I get involved? What needs to be done? What can I do right now? Eye Heart World’s staff is working diligently to get the home’s programming in place and solid, ready to go for when we get...

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