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A Good Day

Some days, we are presented with opportunities to plant seeds of hope. Other days, we get to water them. And then some days, we get to see the fruit.  This past Thursday was one of the amazing, energy-inducing, belief-building days where we got to see the fruit of seeds that were planted and watered.  Several months back we worked with a young lady named Caitlin. We were at a lunch meeting on a rainy day when we received a call from one of our contacts in law enforcement. He had come across Caitlin’s online ad in Green Bay. From there he was able to catch her trafficker and remove her from the situation. He called us to see if we could help.  We jumped...

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Our Brand New E-Book!

We have a new, free resource that we're super excited about. It's an e-book called Trafficking In The U.S.: What It Is And What You Can Do.  We are committed to providing people with the resources that they need to fight trafficking. So this e-book is full of information about the issue including: Basic definitions Global statistics National information Trafficking terminology cheat sheet How traffickers recruit Eye Heart World's mission and model Your plan of action      You can click here to download the e-book on our site. You can also download the -ebook on Or you can sign up for our email list and receive the e-book along with a code for 10% off your first order.

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Gifts That Give Back Guide

Check out our feature in Accessories Magazine's Gifts That Give Back Guide! We love being a part of social enterprise efforts that connect fashion and compassion. Every product sold goes directly to a specific impact within one of our projects. Whether it's providing educational trainings for first responders, sponsoring a girl to attend The Heart Tour, or providing emergency aftercare resources for victims, 100% of the proceeds from every sale go to the impact your product is connected to! That's how we #CarryTheCause.

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Stories of Hope: Finding Home

We recently served a young lady who was removed from a trafficking situation by law enforcement. When we came to her, she was very reserved and resistant to any help. After talking with her for several hours, she admitted that she wanted to leave “the life” and agreed to accept our help.    We were so excited for the opportunity to help this young lady get to a safe place! In the middle of the night, we drove her to an emergency shelter where she could stay until we found permanent placement for her. We worked hard to find somewhere for her to go and within a day we had her on a plane to a program out of state....

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