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Finding Freedom Inside A Jail Cell

  What does Eye Heart World do?  How can we help girls?  Do you provide any services?   These are all questions that we answer on a regular basis.  Instead of answering them, let me share a story of one of the girls that we helped. We received a referral from our contact at the jail, she had an 18 year old female inmate who had been involved in trafficking with a pimp and wanted to get out of the life.  I got a team of two Outreach Team members to respond and go to meet with her.   I spoke with the ladies after their meeting and both of them felt strongly about helping this young lady and described her desire...

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Taking Action

  What was your first thought when you heard about the issue of human trafficking? Shock. Horror. Fear. Anger. I felt all of those. Then, I felt resolve.  I felt a stirring. I felt the need to do something about it.  As I share about this issue, more and more, I see people wanting to do something.  They want to help the survivors of trafficking and want to help stop this issue from destroying our children and communities. They have so many questions. How do I get involved? What needs to be done? What can I do right now? Eye Heart World’s staff is working diligently to get the home’s programming in place and solid, ready to go for when we get...

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The Rose Home FAQ

  We are so very excited about The Rose Home! Through this home for survivors of sex trafficking, we will be able to provide victims of exploitation with the opportunity to heal from their trauma, change their destiny, and alter their legacy. There is a lot of work to be done and we've already received a lot of questions, so we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you stay in the loop.    1. Is there a name for the home? Yes! It will be called The Rose Home. Since Eye Heart World began, we have looked to the rose to be a symbol of each girl’s beauty, individuality, and strength. More than that, we believe each...

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Why Awareness?

  Why Awareness? We live in a culture that is saturated with messages. At any given moment, someone is trying to sell me laundry detergent, a new car, or some medicine that sounds like it could apparently kill me.  Then you add social media into the mix… It all makes my head spin. So with so many messages being thrown at us every single day, why do we place such a focus on awareness? Because evil is allowed to live in the shadows of ignorance.  Here is the fact:  Awareness alone changes nothing, but nothing can change without awareness.  We as a community, culture, and society cannot respond to an issue that we don’t know exists. The old adage “ignorance...

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Operation Knightmare

  Eye Heart World was recently asked to be a part of an operation with local, state, and federal authorities, including Wisconsin Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigation. We agreed to send members of our outreach team to assist with any women or girls that needed help. We were excited that our law enforcement at the state and federal levels were eager to have us be a part of such an important operation. The name of the operation was significant to the officers that planned it. They took the time to identify the purpose of the operation and why each person asked to participate was so important. The command of the operation, Special Agent Carl G. Waterstreet made sure...

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