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Human trafficking turns people into merchandise.


We combat sex trafficking in the U.S. because freedom should not be for sale.



Human trafficking makes freedom feel impossible. She wants out. We can help.

Traffickers profit by controlling every aspect of their victims’ life. Through our drop in centers in Green Bay, WI and Mobile, AL, Eye Heart World helps survivors regain their freedom and recover the control that was stolen.

Trafficking is modern day slavery.

Sex trafficking is the process of buying or selling people for physical or sexual exploitation. Learn the facts so you can help make a difference.

The average of entry into trafficking is 12-14 years old.

Cases of trafficking have been reported in all 50 states in the U.S.

The average life expectancy of a trafficking victim upon entering the life is 7 years.

We’re fighting to build a community where sex trafficking cannot thrive.

And we have a plan.

Through building awareness in the community, teaching prevention for at-risk teens, and assisting in the recovery of survivors, we fight sex trafficking from all sides of the issue.


Through our trainings for professionals and community members, people learn how to spot trafficking and how to respond.


Our prevention curriculum teaches at-risk teens what trafficking is, how to protect themselves, and when to ask for help.


We meet with trafficking victims in their moment of need then guide them onto a path to recovery and independence.

No one’s recovery journey looks the same.

Each trafficking survivor’s path to recovery is unique. Our staff works with each survivor to identify her specific needs and craft a plan that will help her find independence outside of the life of trafficking.


We meet with trafficking victims in moments of crisis and help them find safety.

Our staff of mental health professionals provides care designed to best serve trafficking survivors.

We support survivors and help them continue on the path to lasting recovery and independence.

We believe everyone should be free, and we’re helping freedom become reality.

Sex trafficking survivors served since 2016.

Hours of individual & group therapy sessions.

Teens served through prevention programs.

Professionals & community members trained.

Be part of the solution.

Community support makes it possible for us to provide essential care to survivors of sex trafficking and help them recover the freedom they deserve.

Find Out the Facts

Learn the facts so that you can be informed and spread awareness.

Connect to the Cause

Find your unique way to become a freedom fighter in your own right.

Support the Solution

Your donation directly impacts a trafficking victim’s life.

Wisconsin, Alabama, & Beyond

Sex trafficking happens all over the United States. We work in two specific locations, with plans for more in the future.

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Hotline / Emergency Resources

If you or someone you know needs help, call one of our hotline numbers:

Wisconsin Hotline: (920) 333-1701

Alabama Hotline: (251) 206-8779

General Inquiries

For general questions such as speaking requests or donations, please contact us here:

Main Office: (920) 857-8010

Eye Heart World is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Tax ID: 27-1909533