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October Newsletter for Alabama

Our Alabama Team has had a very exciting month of October! Not only has there been an incredible fundraiser for the Rose Center and several community outreach teachings on trauma-informed care, but the Center's enrichment and coping skills resources are continuing to grow as well! From Core Studio in Daphne, Alabama, Sarah donated her expertise and passion and lead our first yoga class at the Rose Center. She did such a wonderful job leading our girls through grounding and restorative flows. She helped them see how powerful and fierce they are, and she helped them pull from their inner sources of strength. We can’t wait for the next session! Our Alabama Director, Crystal Yarborough, was the guest speaker at the Mobile Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force Meeting...

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The Diana Wallet

We are very excited to announce our new wallet, the Diana Wallet. Find it in our online store! We see Diana, Princess of Wales, born Diana Frances Spencer, as a philanthropic face of love, freedom, and justice. She has been a source of inspiration in the fight against human trafficking. Here are a few of the things we love about her: Leadership. During the 1980s, Princess Diana supported victims of AIDS and leprosy by challenging the world’s view and stigma of the diseases as being transported by touch. She demonstrated her compassionate heart for the outcasts through her literal hands-on approach by shaking their hands without a glove and challenging social stigma. Wisdom. She understood that physical health was only...

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September Newsletter from Wisconsin

The Rose Home kept its programming going through September. Along with the everyday routines of goal setting, therapy, chores, legal appointments, and group meetings, there were a few extra exciting moments, too. One day, the ladies went ziplining at the N.E.W. Zoo! It was a new experience for everyone. Several girls were nervous, and one girl was so afraid that she was in tears before she went. Eventually, though, she decided to take the literal “leap of faith” off the platform and try the zipline. It felt like such a freeing experience for her that she went a second time! The zipline was both a fun experience and a creative way for the girls to practice trusting God and themselves. At...

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September Newsletter for Alabama

The Rose Center has had a very busy, exciting end to the summer! The entire month of August was filled with the In Her Shoes Gala planning and on August 30th, the gala itself! The event was incredibly successful as we had over 250 guests attend and over $10,000 in donations raised benefiting the Rose Center. Most of all, the issue of human trafficking in the area of South Alabama, and especially Mobile, was finally recognized and brought to light. Eyes and ears were opened and lives were changed. Read more about the event on our blog:  In addition to the increased awareness and support from the community from the gala, The Rose Center is so thankful to now...

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Celebrating One Year Of Freedom!

  Today is a very special day because it marks one year since our very first resident came to the Rose Home! This morning she invited the key staff to the Rose Home (her home) for a little celebration. She wrote us a very thoughtful letter about her time at the home and presented us with some very special gifts that she made herself. I sat there, admittedly pretty choked up, watching a young lady who walked through that front door with her head hung low from shame and confusion, now standing confident, bold, and full of purpose. This year was hard for her. It was hard for our staff. It was hard for me. But to see this young...

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