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Eye Heart World License Plates

Eye Heart World License Plates?!

That's right, we now have our very own license plates exclusively in Alabama!!

The plates are an additional $50 on your normal registration, and every plate purchased sponsors our youth prevention efforts in South Alabama through The Heart Tour! (Click here for more info on The Heart Tour.)

Right now we are in the precommitment phase, so once we hit 250 precommitments the plates will be shipped out and on the road.

Here's what you do to get your plate:

  1. Follow this link to the precommitment page. (You'll find our plate in the tab labeled 11/1/2015 to 10/31/2016.)
  2. Fill out the form and pay for your tag.
  3. Download these social media assets to spread the word.

This is such a great opportunity to raise awareness and funds to fight trafficking in South Alabama, so we're asking you to help us hit the 250 mark and way beyond. We can't wait to see Eye Heart World tags riding all over "sweet home Alabama"!