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It's Not Normal - "The Business"

The Business.

“It’s not normal…” We realize that probably sounds like a strange title to an awareness campaign about an issue as heinous human trafficking. After all, if you’re reading this, then you’re probably at a place where you are dumbfounded that this issue even exists. However, the origin of the idea was quite logical. This idea spawned when one day we were discussing the root causes of trafficking and realized that for the people involved in this system, it is the norm. To most of us, the very thought of exploiting a person for personal gain, using a girl for pleasure, or allowing yourself to be sold is obviously not normal at all. However, to the people involved in this lifestyle at all junctures, there is something in their heads that tells them that it’s normal enough. 

Our society has commercialized sex and glamorized the professions of “pimping” and prostitution to the point that for the millions of people who take part in the sex industry each year, it’s perfectly acceptable. If you don’t believe us, then here’s something to think about. Trafficking is a business, which means that the basic principles of supply and demand apply: where there is demand for a product, someone will supply the product. So, if there are millions of women, girls, and boys in this world who are being sold for sex - many of them multiple times per day - then it makes sense that there are that many multiples of millions more who deem it perfectly normal to buy sex or sell someone for sex. Where there is demand there will be supply. The sad reality is that the ones who suffer the most are the ones caught in the middle. For them, abuse, rape, and exploitation have become the norm.

In honor of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, we’ll post a new blog every day this week, today through Friday. In these posts we’ll talk about the key players involved in the business of trafficking. Our hope is that we’ll each be able to see it in a different light and be compelled to spread that message that it’s not normal.