Rose Bangle

$ 25.00

IMPACT: Aftercare. Your purchase sponsors aftercare resources for a victim of trafficking on her journey to healing and independent living. Learn more here.


Our Orange Rose Medallion is more than a charm, it’s a symbol. It stands for the belief that each individual life - both the free and the exploited - is strong, delicate, and deserving of freedom. With an adjustable design that ensures a comfortable fit for anyone, the Rose Bangle is a statement of your own strength and beauty as you stand for the freedom of those who are enslaved.  Made in the USA. 

  • Bangle is made of stainless steel and expands to 3 1/4" in diameter


Your purchase helps sponsor human trafficking survivors in transitional housing at aftercare programs around the United States. Aftercare homes provide counseling, support, and a stable environment as these displaced individuals get back on their feet and transform from victim into survivor.


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