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A Gala to Raise Awareness

On August 30th, we had an amazing night of awareness and education on the issue of sex trafficking in the area of Mobile, Alabama. At the In Her Shoes Gala, 225 people gathered in support of our Rose Center and the subject. With the theme “In Her Shoes,” the night focused on the reality of sex trafficking. Attendees were asked to consider the perspective of survivors and learned it can happen to anyone. We displayed information on the common triggers in South Alabama that may lead people into human trafficking. Poverty. Mobile has a 23% poverty level with 70-80% poverty in single-parent households. Where there is poverty, there are fewer choices. Where there are fewer choices, there is a higher...

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Summer Newsletter from Wisconsin

The Rose Home The Rose Home has been in full swing all summer! The girls and coaches have been continuing their day-to-day activities, such as therapy and goal setting. The garden has continued to be a wonderful addition to The Rose Home. The girls have been able to harvest, prepare, and eat plenty of organic cucumbers, onions, zucchini, and jalapenos. There are also tomatoes, broccoli, and four tiny watermelons! The girls take great pride in their urban garden. The ladies at The Rose Home took a day trip up north to Camp Bird, where they enjoyed some group activities and team-building exercises. They did “trust falls” from about a 5ft tall tree stump. One of the ladies said she felt a weight was lifted...

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Summer Newsletter from Alabama

July This July, our Alabama team was invited to participate in Light of The Village's summer camp. We had the honor of mentoring young girls from 4th to 8th grade on boundaries, value, and healthy relationships. The girls loved our team and had such a great response! Each week, the girls grew more and more confident in themselves and began to realize how special and loved they are. Our team was asked to come back to next summer's camp, and we are thrilled that this door has been opened in the South Alabama community. Due to many local churches participating in national Serve Day 2018 on July 14th, The Rose Center got a much-needed face-lift! The amazing volunteers selflessly helped...

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7 Kinds of People the Rose Home Needs

At The Rose Home, we know that the people we spend time with are just as important as what we spend our time doing. Sometimes, when people do not have a support network of close family and friends to lean on, they become more vulnerable to traffickers. We work hard to make The Rose Home a healthy, healing environment where girls can rest and work toward a better life. These girls are building a support network to help them transition into building the life that they want to live. 1. Three days a week, the girls work out at CrossFit De Pere. New experiences can be challenging, but the girls have experienced phenomenal changes since they started attending CrossFit. During CrossFit,...

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Run For Home FAQ

  You've got questions, we've got answers!  We've compiled the most commonly asked questions about Run For Home for you in an effort to take out some of the guess work of fundraising.  As always, you can email if you don't see what you're looking for below.   1. What’s the best way to raise money in a peer-to-peer campaign? The best way is to start with yourself - it shows buy-in. Next, write your story of why you've chosen to Run For Home. That personal touch makes it authentic and compelling. Next, start with your closest friends and family and expand from there. Check out this great infographic with 6 steps to being a successful fundraiser.   2. Do I...

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