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The Heart Tour

The Heart Tour is a one-day event that engages young girls who are at risk for human trafficking. Each event provides targeted education, tips for staying safe and speaks to the individual's worth and value. Through our alliances with local youth mentorship programs, Eye Heart World is able to sponsor every girl to attend this event, and receive the guidance they need to become strong women in their communities.

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Awareness Initiatives

It takes motivated, informed people to make a profound change on human trafficking. That’s why we are dedicated to educating and empowering our communities in order to make a difference. We provide targeted trainings tailored to professionals like health care providers, social service providers, and public servants, teaching them what to look for and how to respond when they encounter a victim. All the while, we engage the community with awareness resources.

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Eye Heart World Gala

We are so excited for the Eye Heart World Gala coming up on April 24th, 2016. The event, held at the Meyer Theatre in downtown Green Bay, will be a dessert reception, silent auction, and awareness experience. All of the proceeds from the event will go toward opening our first residential program that will serve survivors of sex trafficking in the (920). At the event, you will get to hear from local law enforcement on the action taking place in the (920) and what they are seeing. We'll hear from a survivor of sex trafficking as she tells her powerful story and inspires hope in the context of such a dark topic. We will also unfold the plans for our...

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Trafficking Terminology Part 2

The world of trafficking has its own language and codes. But more than that, it has its own culture. Pimps and Johns have given name to actions that seem unfathomable to many of us, yet are the reality of millions of girls and women. Let’s continue our conversation by looking at some of the terms that relate to what the individual girl endures.   “Seasoning” This is the process by which a pimp will break down a girl’s resistance in order to ensure her compliance and loyalty. We referenced this process in the last “Trafficking Terminology” post, but let’s dive a little deeper (Click here to read the first post in this series. Pimps use a combination of psychological manipulation,...

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Trafficking Terminology Part 1

The world of human trafficking is a world all it’s own. There are so many intricacies and details to the system and it is these things that enable the issue to hide in plain sight. After six years of working to combat this issue we are still learning new details, facts, and definitions that help grow our understanding of the issue and how we can take action. Naturally, one of our biggest objectives is helping people learn these details and broaden their understanding of the issue. Why are we so driven on this front? Because we know that the more people understand the world of human trafficking, the better we can take action in educating others, providing prevention to those...

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