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What $25 Can Do

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Every survivor who leaves The Life behind for good has gone through a long, difficult journey and accomplished something amazing--and we want to be with her every step of the way. One way that you can be with her, too, is through 500 for Freedom, where each of our 500 most consistent supporters pledges to give a $25 gift every month. 

But how far can $25 possibly go? We’re going to show you.

Even $25 is a big deal to The Rose Home and The Rose Center. Follow along as we highlight nine impactful ways that your gift of $25 can make a difference in the life of a survivor. From taking a girl out to brunch to talk about our programs to purchasing art therapy supplies for The Rose Home, even $25 can create a life-changing moment. Will you join 500 for Freedom now that you know What $25 Can Do?

Cooking at The Rose Home        Shoes for a girl at The Rose Home


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