Give for Freedom

The Rose Home is Here!

The papers are signed, the keys are picked up, and as of last week, we have officially taken occupancy of The Rose Home!

This weekend, a group of volunteers helped start the long process of getting this home ready for residents. When we first got there, there was a lot of work to do. Over the weekend, we were able to clear out everything from the previous organization, paint almost the entire interior, and even pull some weeds.

This home is coming together thanks to many helping hands and generous donations. For example, all of the paint has been donated by Sherwin-Williams (you can find their website here). Nine volunteers from Sherwin-Williams also helped paint the inside of the house with brand new colors. The fresh paint will liven up the entire building for the girls that will live at The Rose Home.

"This home is coming together thanks to many helping hands and generous donations."

An individual who has been an enormous help is Dawn Piontek from Color My World (you can find her website here). She helped connect us with Sherwin-Williams and lent her interior design services throughout the painting process. Dawn has gone above and beyond, moving furniture and brightening everyone’s day with her positive attitude.

Dawn also played a key role in selecting the colors to paint the inside of The Rose Home. Using color psychology, she was able to help us ensure that this feels like a welcoming and supportive place.


Plenty of work still needs to be done. Within the next few weeks, the flooring and lighting will all be redone, thanks to more donations. The porch, lawn, and other areas of the house also need some general fix-ups within the next two months before girls start to take residency in the home.

Having a safe, local home for girls in the area has been a dream of ours for a long time. Thanks to lots of hard work, volunteers, donations, and prayers throughout several years, every day we are bringing The Rose Home closer to reality.