Give for Freedom

The Heart Tour in Florida

Part of our team recently took a trip to bring out Heart Tour to Florida!

What is the Heart Tour? In short, it’s one of our biggest tools for preventing human trafficking. Our goal is to make girls far less vulnerable to traffickers by teaching them about human trafficking and helping them fully understand their own value. To learn more about what the Heart Tour is, check out this blog post:

For this Heart Tour, we went to Life Church in Wesley Chapel near Tampa, Florida where we spoke with an audience of about 50 girls who were 11-17 years old. We talked with them about human trafficking and some of the signs so that they would be able to recognize it. We also talked about healthy relationships and what they look like, so that they won’t be manipulated by traffickers posing as boyfriends. Our presentation included examples of things that a trafficker might say or do versus compared with things that a boyfriend might say or do, so these girls can easily figure out who really cares about them. We also turned the focus on them, telling the girls about their enormous value, discussing ways they can set and reach goals, and doing what we could to empower them.
The Heart Tour wasn’t just one big lecture, though. We also taught the girls a hip hop dance, set up a photo booth wall for taking fun pictures, and enjoyed some delicious food, complete with cookies! At the end of the day, we gave the girls gifts to remember the Heart Tour. Each girl left with an Eye Heart World shirt, an Eye Heart World handbag, a devotional, an orange rose, a bag full of makeup, and a letter of encouragement written for them by a wonderful local women's group. We hope that they also walked away with a renewed sense of courage, power, and self-love.
We designed the Heart Tour to prevent human trafficking. Traffickers often manipulate the girls they target by convincing them that they are the only person that cares about the girl, or that she is unloveable. We set out with our Heart Tour to turn these ideas on their head in the hopes that every girl knows her value and her support system. By showing girls that they are surrounded by love from their families, their friends, their church, and more, they are less likely to believe the lies of a trafficker. By empowering this group of people that is often targeted, we arm these girls with some of the most powerful weapons we can give them: knowledge, self esteem, and love.