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Human Trafficking in Wisconsin

Human trafficking happens out in the open, right in public, and many people don’t realize that it’s happening. We are on a mission to change that. Imagine a place where somebody on every block knows the signs of human trafficking and acts when they see it. Imagine how trafficking would go from hidden in plain sight to obvious--in plain sight. Imagine how, one by one, traffickers would be identified and arrested. Imagine how survivors would find support at Eye Heart World, face their trauma, and build the lives they want to live. The more people know about trafficking, the more people are on the lookout for this modern-day slavery. We are passionate about raising awareness about human trafficking. There are 3...

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Expose The Truth - Where It Really Happens

  Many people think that human trafficking takes place mostly in foreign countries and “doesn’t happen near me”. While human trafficking is very prevalent in foreign countries, it is happening every day in the United States, in all 50 states.    While the numbers are hard to track, the National Human Trafficking Hotline  is one of the ways we know real time information. They are a U.S.-based anti-trafficking hotline serving victims and survivors of human trafficking. They receive tips through phone calls, emails and online tip reports. However, the data received doesn’t reflect the totality of human trafficking going on around us as a lot of it is in secret and not reported.      While the 2017 statistics haven’t...

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Expose The Truth Part 1

  It’s no secret that trafficking awareness is one of the three primary aspects of our mission as an organization. Why is that? Well, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Awareness alone changes nothing, but nothing can change without awareness. It takes people, like yourself, who have the generosity to open your heart to the unsettling reality of human trafficking. See, we’ve found over and over again that when we allow ourselves to be confronted with this reality, action is rarely an option.  So that’s why we love January so much - it’s Human Trafficking Awareness month! It’s a chance for us to focus in on the realities that hide in plain sight, inspire each other to...

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The Heart Tour in Florida

Part of our team recently took a trip to bring out Heart Tour to Florida! What is the Heart Tour? In short, it’s one of our biggest tools for preventing human trafficking. Our goal is to make girls far less vulnerable to traffickers by teaching them about human trafficking and helping them fully understand their own value. To learn more about what the Heart Tour is, check out this blog post: For this Heart Tour, we went to Life Church in Wesley Chapel near Tampa, Florida where we spoke with an audience of about 50 girls who were 11-17 years old. We talked with them about human trafficking and some of the signs so that they would be able to recognize it. We...

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Aftercare in July: By the Numbers

July was a very busy month at Eye Heart World. As our aftercare team prepares for the new responsibilities that The Rose Home will bring, they continue to serve the young women in our community. It's hard work, but we also know that it's well worth the end result: bringing hope and healing to survivors of sex trafficking. That's what we work towards every day. Here’s what we’ve been up to in July! 7: Ladies we met who were trafficked 15-23: Age range of survivors we met 2: Survivors who were minors 3: Survivors who are in safe places, to the best of our ability 23: Hours we spent doing outreach with law enforcement 1: County outside the 920 we visited to train professionals and...

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