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A Day in the Rose Home: Daily Activities

If you’ve been following along in our blog series, you now understand the four phases at The Rose Home and the three aspects that we involve in our programming. These are important ideas that influence everything The Rose Home is about, but what exactly do the residents do all day? Healing from the traumatic events of human trafficking and rebuilding your life are large, time-consuming processes. Let’s break that down. Every morning, the girls at The Rose Home participate in a goals group. The girls sit down with a coach and fill in their planner for the day. Their calendars could involve weekly trauma-informed therapy appointments, meeting with a skills instructor, errand time, and many other things. Even lunch and...

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What $25 Can Do

Every survivor who leaves The Life behind for good has gone through a long, difficult journey and accomplished something amazing--and we want to be with her every step of the way. One way that you can be with her, too, is through 500 for Freedom, where each of our 500 most consistent supporters pledges to give a $25 gift every month.  But how far can $25 possibly go? We’re going to show you. Even $25 is a big deal to The Rose Home and The Rose Center. Follow along as we highlight nine impactful ways that your gift of $25 can make a difference in the life of a survivor. From taking a girl out to brunch to talk about our...

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The Rose Center

      Support The Rose Center Want to play a vital, tangible role in providing services for victims of sex trafficking? Visit our Rose Center give page to learn more about your impact, make a gift, and share this amazing opportunity with others.     Volunteer At The Rose Center Once open, The Rose Center will be home to many volunteer opportunities ranging from direct care with survivors, meal preparation, life skills classes, and much more. We have a clear path to involvement, so watch this space for upcoming volunteer opportunities in South Alabama.     Stay In The Loop As The Rose Center progresses in getting established, there will be plenty of stories, volunteer opportunities, and needs to share. Click here to sign up for updates....

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