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The Heart Tour in Florida

Part of our team recently took a trip to bring out Heart Tour to Florida! What is the Heart Tour? In short, it’s one of our biggest tools for preventing human trafficking. Our goal is to make girls far less vulnerable to traffickers by teaching them about human trafficking and helping them fully understand their own value. To learn more about what the Heart Tour is, check out this blog post: For this Heart Tour, we went to Life Church in Wesley Chapel near Tampa, Florida where we spoke with an audience of about 50 girls who were 11-17 years old. We talked with them about human trafficking and some of the signs so that they would be able to recognize it. We...

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Seeds of Hope

Sometimes you meet someone who carries with them a sense of being weathered by life and you find yourself thinking “man, they’ve been through a lot.”  Then every once in a while you meet someone who shares their hopeful story of struggle, but instead you find yourself thinking “man, they’ve overcome a lot.”  The latter is the experience we had with our dear friend, Colleen, who so generously shared her story on video and in person at our gala back in April.  The process of capturing Colleen’s story on video was one of the most powerful experiences we have had (behind the scenes photo below).  Never have we heard someone tell their story with such clarity, humility, boldness, and hope. ...

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