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Summer Newsletter from Alabama


This July, our Alabama team was invited to participate in Light of The Village's summer camp. We had the honor of mentoring young girls from 4th to 8th grade on boundaries, value, and healthy relationships. The girls loved our team and had such a great response! Each week, the girls grew more and more confident in themselves and began to realize how special and loved they are. Our team was asked to come back to next summer's camp, and we are thrilled that this door has been opened in the South Alabama community.

Homemade booklets from Light of the Village
Due to many local churches participating in national Serve Day 2018 on July 14th, The Rose Center got a much-needed face-lift! The amazing volunteers selflessly helped us with yard maintenance, creating beautiful wall art, hand-writing encouraging response letters for survivors, a clean and furnished porch for the girls to enjoy, and many painting projects - we now even have a picturesque white picket fence! 
The Rose Center hosted its first trauma training taught by our Alabama Director, Crystal Yarborough, where Rose Center staff, volunteers, and local representatives attended and learned about the complexity of trauma and how it affects the brain.
Since the opening of the Rose Center in Mobile, it has received a total of thirteen referrals where we have been able to assist survivors who are both in and out of the life of sex trafficking through equipping and empowering them to a life of healing. We wouldn't be able to do it without your support!


The month of August has been full of gala planning for our Alabama team! Our gala efforts have been supported by first responders, local real estate, FBI agents, local businesses, local churches, and local ministries. Passionate individuals have been extremely supportive and instrumental in spreading the word on the gala as well. We are incredibly encouraged by the outpouring we are seeing from the community of Mobile. Watch this space for updates on how the gala went!
Many speaking opportunities have risen this month for our Alabama team. Not only was our Alabama Director, Crystal, able to shed light on the issue of human trafficking in our area, but she was also able to train the direct care workers at the local Rape Crisis Center on Human Trafficking 101. They have seen firsthand the desperate need for a place like The Rose Center for a very long time. Because they are so aware of the issue, the Rape Crisis Center and Lifeline have been extremely supportive since the opening of our Center. We are so thankful and excited to be partnered with them!!
When you support Eye Heart World, you support every single one of these exciting projects. We could never do any of it--from mentoring young girls with Light of the Village, teaching local professionals how to recognize and respond to human trafficking, and supporting our much-needed Rose Center--without you and your generous support. That's why we're inviting you to join 500 for Freedom. When you pledge to give a monthly gift to Eye Heart World through 500 for Freedom, you get exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to learn how you helped in the fight against human trafficking. Will you join us?