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Stories of Hope: Helping Doctors Help Trafficking Victims

We recently did a presentation for doctors and physicians on sex trafficking. We talked about what it is, how to identify it, and what to do when they encounter a victim of trafficking - because they will encounter a victim. Our team member addressed some of the more telling signs, such as the tattoos that pimps use to brand their girls.  The entire room was attentive, but one physician in particular was especially dialed in.
After our team member finished her presentation, that physician walked up to talk with her. She thought maybe he had another question for her, but what he had to say shocked her. He said, “Wow, I can’t believe this! I just had a young lady under my care with those types of branding tattoos. I noticed the tattoos, but didn’t think anything of them. Now, I can see what was really going on… Now I know what to look for."
That doctor couldn’t help that young lady because he didn’t know what to look for, but now he knows for the next time. Through your purchases and support, you are helping to educate professionals like him who in turn are able to help victims in their moments of need.