Give for Freedom

Stories of Hope: The Power of A Card

A while back we met with a young lady who was being trafficked out of an apartment in the Green Bay area. When our outreach team walked into the interview room to talk with her, she was cold and quiet. The first step in breaking down the walls to help her find the resources to leave “the life” was the Response Bag that we gave her.
When we handed her the bag, she seemed suspicious but grateful. Over the course of the meeting, she nibbled on the snacks, wrapped herself in the blanket, and used the hair ties that were in her bag. We spent five hours with her and there was only time that she showed any emotion: when she opened the encouragement card in her bag. When she read this little note of encouragement, we watched as just a few little tears rolled down her cheeks.
These Response Bags are given to young ladies in moments of their greatest need and they are often the first glimmer of hope and love that they have had in a very long time. This is the sort of impact that your purchase and support make on a young lady in the life.