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Stories of Hope - More Than A Makeover

We recently held a Heart Tour (an all-day event for at-risk girls) in South Alabama. At each event we shower the girls with gifts, feed them some incredible food, and talk with them about trafficking, value, and empowerment. At this event in Alabama, we had a crew of amazing hair stylists come and do makeovers for the girls. One of the stylists shared the following story with us.
“So, I did one beautiful natural haired client today at the event. She was hesitant to sit in my chair and even when I offered she shook her head like 'no... Uh-uh.. You can't touch my hair…' And then I smiled and said 'I have products for your hair.' I showed them to her and she shrugged and said okay. I was so nervous! But as I talked to her she opened up. When we got done I showed her the mirror - she was shocked and speechless. I got really nervous and scared. But she put her hand over her mouth (as I'm dying inside thinking she hates it) and said 'oh my god.... I look so pretty…' Tears just welled up in our eyes. It was incredible to break down a barrier with her."  
Human Trafficking Prevention
At every Heart Tour, we educate teen girls on sex trafficking, value, and empowerment, but we also work overtime to make them feel loved and special. It's a day full of more than gifts and makeovers - it's a day to break down walls and plant seeds of hope that can lead each girl to her destiny.
With your purchase and support, this is the type of impact that you make in a young girl’s life.