Give for Freedom

September Newsletter from Wisconsin

The Rose Home kept its programming going through September. Along with the everyday routines of goal setting, therapy, chores, legal appointments, and group meetings, there were a few extra exciting moments, too.

One day, the ladies went ziplining at the N.E.W. Zoo! It was a new experience for everyone. Several girls were nervous, and one girl was so afraid that she was in tears before she went. Eventually, though, she decided to take the literal “leap of faith” off the platform and try the zipline. It felt like such a freeing experience for her that she went a second time! The zipline was both a fun experience and a creative way for the girls to practice trusting God and themselves.

At the end of the month, one of the girls graduated to Phase 2. Part of the graduation process involves answering a few questions that ask the girls to reflect on their time at The Rose Home so far. This girl went above and beyond. While most people write a sentence or two for each of the five questions, she had two entire typed pages. It was clear that she put a lot of thought into her answers. We are so proud of her! Here's an excerpt from the paper she wrote:

"In coming to the Rose Home I’ve been embraced by kindness and love. I didn’t choose this family but I wake up and I am grateful for them, I am moved, supported and inspired by them. Adding this home and the people in it, the people protecting and supporting it wasn’t my idea nor was it my plan. Yet here you all are loving me in the times that I struggle to love myself...


My greatest accomplishment today is that I am no longer simply surviving, I am a survivor who is living, gaining along the way mountains of strength to carry my story and weight of it to those who still suffer at the hands of their traffickers and the system of slavery supported by those who haven’t the faintest idea of the damage they inflict by either turning a blind eye or participating in the buying and selling of human beings.


My fight gives purpose to the endless efforts of those who fight alongside me; officers and civilians alike who stand up, who lose sleep, work impossible hours and save lives wherever possible. Because they believe I believe and because I believe I will continue to accomplish and succeed.  


I’ve linked arms with other survivors, detectives, coaches and God to fight this and that gives me strength in numbers. So I say again with joy in my heart that today I’m not just surviving, I have survived. Today I am living. 


I can cover my traffickers mark and pretend it was never there but I cant unbreak my heart or wipe away my memories both good and bad."

What a powerful moment of reflection! The healing process is not a straight path; it has lots of ups and downs, twists and turns. These words alone show so much growth. We are so proud of how much this incredible young lady has already learned!

The ladies also decorated The Rose Home with some donated art that hadn't found its way onto the walls yet. One participant chose a framed quote that says “It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.” This rang very true with her, and it helps remind her to not give up trying to heal, even when it gets difficult. Another girl chose an image of a heart made of flowers with two hands below it. She was drawn to the aesthetic of the picture and said that she liked the vibe that it gave. Now it hangs in the stairwell and brightens a space where there wasn’t any decoration at all before. The ladies at The Rose Home are truly making it their own space.

The ladies will practice yoga every other week with Joy Rochstroh, a Spirit-Led Yoga Instructor experienced in trauma-informed yoga and Christ-centered yoga. Every other week, she will allow our Rose Home Residents and other survivors of trafficking in the Green Bay area to use her studio, The Yoga Loft, for free! Learn more about The Yoga Loft or sign up for a class at their website: