Give for Freedom

Seeds of Hope

Sometimes you meet someone who carries with them a sense of being weathered by life and you find yourself thinking “man, they’ve been through a lot.”  Then every once in a while you meet someone who shares their hopeful story of struggle, but instead you find yourself thinking “man, they’ve overcome a lot.”  The latter is the experience we had with our dear friend, Colleen, who so generously shared her story on video and in person at our gala back in April. 

The process of capturing Colleen’s story on video was one of the most powerful experiences we have had (behind the scenes photo below).  Never have we heard someone tell their story with such clarity, humility, boldness, and hope.  As you hear Colleen tell her story, what you immediately realize is that the intense darkness of the trauma she experienced in trafficking is vastly overpowered and overcome by the intense light that she now carries. 

She is living proof of the hope, restoration, and wholeness that lies waiting for anyone who will step into it.  As a vital member of our Outreach Team in Green Bay, Colleen is impacting the lives of those who are caught in cycles of exploitation by now planting in their hearts the seeds of hope that were once planted in her’s, which ultimately grew into a life of freedom and wholeness.

Whether she realizes it or not, Colleen’s story has revolutionized many of the ways that we approach serving survivors of exploitation.  Her story has already impacted so many, and we wanted to share it with you. 

We hope that Colleen’s story encourages and inspires you the way it continues to encourage and inspire us.