Give for Freedom

Apricot Lane

If you’ve ever dropped by Apricot Lane in the Bay Park Square Mall, you might have seen a certain orange rose among their clothes and accessories. That’s because we’ve been teaming up with them for a while now to spread the message of human sex trafficking in the Green Bay area. The wonderful staff of Apricot Lane keep a few of our t-shirts, bracelets, and handbags in stock their store--but recently, they took things to a whole new level.
On August 24, Apricot Lane held a Ladies’ Night event in their store from 5-9pm. The store was open like normal, with extra little events that customers could pay to participate in. They held a balloon pop, where anyone could buy a balloon to pop for a prize, like a discount on a purchase at Apricot Lane. Raffle tickets were also for sale, where customers willing to test their luck could enter to win a prize package packed with goodies from Apricot Lane and Eye Heart World. Anyone who stopped by the fundraising booth was also offered yummy goodies like punch, cookies, and mini-cupcakes. The Apricot Lane staff on hand that night did a great job of promoting the event, offering everyone who bought something the chance to buy a balloon and win a discount on their purchase. It would have been impossible to walk into Apricot Lane that night without hearing about Eye Heart World.
At the end of the day, the fundraiser was a success. The raffle tickets and balloon pop raised $298 at Apricot Lane that evening. We’re so grateful for Apricot Lane hosting this beautiful event, and for everyone who stopped by!

Fundraising events like this are great not only for raising money, but also for raising awareness. Traffickers keep human trafficking underground so that the general public doesn’t even realize it’s happening. But as times are changing, awareness is growing, and more and more people are learning about the realities of modern-day slavery. With more eyes being opened to the realities of trafficking and more individuals learning about its warning signs, we are slowly, gradually working together to change our communities and our society. We’re still far away from a world free of human trafficking, but we will continue to work towards it every day.