Give for Freedom

Our Journey To Home


The Rose Home is open to its first residents, and now we can reflect on the hard work that brought us here. The whole project started with years of fundraising from people who had faith that this day would come. After we found the perfect place, our amazing team of donors and volunteers worked hard all through the summer of 2017. Together, we turned the building into The Rose Home, a place we’re proud to welcome women in search of healing.


In the beginning of of June, we signed the papers and picked up the keys for The Rose Home. The building is owned by St. Vincent de Paul, and they were generous enough to donate the lease to Eye Heart World, even covering the cost of utilities! The space was lived-in and warm, but it also felt full of potential and hope.

From there, many people worked on making the space a home. On our first volunteer weekend, a group of volunteers cleared out everything from the previous occupants, painted the interior, and pulled some weeds outside. The house quickly began to look very different.

Over the next few weeks, many businesses donated their services to The Rose Home. Kimmel’s Locksmith re-keyed the building, Eland Electric redid the lighting, Macco’s Flooring and Joski’s Flooring donated and installed new flooring, and Showcase Kitchens replaced the old cabinets and countertops with new ones. And then a generous donor provided stainless steel appliances too! Many people donated items from our Target gift registry, and so many individuals and companies like [insert name of Door County company here] made other large furniture donations. (For a full list of donors who helped make The Rose Home possible, click here.)

Several volunteer  work days throughout June, July, and August brought people together to design the interior, paint, stain wood, clean, organize, and do yard work. Some volunteers cleared out and cleaned the garage. Others did heavy lifting to move donations from our office to The Rose Home. The atmosphere of the volunteer days was upbeat as old friends and new friends worked together. Throughout the summer, 132 different volunteers donated time to The Rose Home over 27 days, resulting in a total of 1,356 hours donated by volunteers to The Rose Home.



 We would not be able to offer the services and support for our residents without every one of the incredible volunteers and donors who donated their time and talents. The Rose Home was not created by Eye Heart World alone; our community came together to create The Rose Home and give hope to survivors of trafficking in the 920.