Give for Freedom

October Newsletter for Wisconsin

The Rose Home turned one year old on October 10! Our first participant to stay at the home has been in the home for one year and is officially one year sober. We are so proud of how far she has come! The other girls in The Rose Home surprised her with her 1-year medallion and cupcakes to celebrate. You can read more about the one-year celebration here.

Our Outreach Team had a very busy October. We had five new referrals in just one week--a new record for us! When our referral numbers go up, it can seem like trafficking is increasing in the area, but that’s not the case; it just means that we are reaching more people who are already being trafficked, which is always a great thing. Our Outreach team also continued to give presentations about how to recognize and respond to possible situations of human trafficking, including one presentation in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Rose Home has a fence! We've been working toward this moment ever since The Rose Home opened a year ago, and it's truly such a game changer. Before, the girls were nervous about spending time outside the home in case someone who knew their traffickers saw them. Now, they have more privacy and more freedom to enjoy the yard!

We want to send a BIG thank you to the local Pomps Tires store. They gifted us with new tires for our van, and they wanted to help even more, so they helped put the fence posts in. We also thank Alliance Construction, who donated all of the materials to build the fence and assisted both days it took to build it. Special thanks go out to Bruce and Tom for their efforts in planning, designing, and coordinating.


This has been such a wonderful addition for our residents. At a time when so much of their lives are insecure and uncertain, this fence provides another layer of safety and security. Now they can be at peace and focus on the important work of healing.   

The participants decorated the house for Halloween. Both the inside and outside is covered in colorful spider webs, cutesy decorations, and plastic spiders. Every staff member that has come in had to stop to admire the participants' decorating skills. The girls also enjoyed carving gorgeous pumpkins, including one with a pumpkin-orange rose!

One participant deeply wanted to get fish for the Rose Home. When she was having a rough week, the rest of the participants and staff went to PetSmart to design a tank and pick out fish that matched her personality. They decided to take home one white fish named 2% (because the participant who wanted the fish drinks a lot of milk) and an orange fish named O.J. The participants even created birth certificates for the fish.


One of the girls was so excited to surprise the other with the fish, she used paper from the paper shredder as confetti for when she walked in the door as part of the surprise. She covered her eyes until she made it through the dining room and into the living room. When she opened her eyes and saw the fish, she was so excited that she shouted, put her hands up, and jumped up and down. She had been asking for fish for months, and she was excited about every detail, from the birth certificates to the decorations in the tank.

These brave, compassionate ladies at The Rose Home are on their path of healing thanks to 500 for Freedom. If you're already a part of 500 for Freedom, we can't thank you enough for believing in these girls. If you haven't joined yet, we invite you to our team, where you can be a shining light in the life of a survivor. Check it out here.