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November Newsletter from Alabama

November 2018 has been very eventful for our Alabama Team! We have been seeing growth and breakthrough not only with participants at The Rose Center but also in the community! Things are changing for the better - and fast!

Eye Heart World was nominated by the FBI's Mobile Field Office for the FBI Director's Award! This is an annual award given by the FBI to an organization who is making significant impacts in the community. We hold this nomination as an absolute honor in every sense of the word! 

The Rose Center was invited to participate in the FBI's quarterly MCEC community meeting held at the FBI headquarters to share about local trafficking and the Rose Center's unique services. We are hoping to form deeper relationships in the community with the expectation of serving a greater population.

Our Wisconsin directors at a grant presentationOur founders at a grant presentation

Eye Heart World’s founders, Brian and Season Russo, epitomize Eye Heart World’s core values in practicing teachability, strength-based leadership, ownership, generosity, and communication in everything they do. Pictured above, Brian and Season at a recent grant presentation. Demonstrating selflessness and strength, they make each and every presentation about the reason Eye Heart World exists - the girls. Whether a grant proposal or awareness event, they keep the survivors, their freedom, and healing front and center. We are so thankful for their courageous leadership!

Our partnership with the Mobile Police Department has us ecstatic!! We are on the Police Academy training schedule for December 11th. Training officers to identify potential signs and implementing a response protocol are setting us on a new trajectory in our area in the fight against sex trafficking.

In early November, we had the exciting opportunity to partner with Rape Crisis for a presentation at Springhill College on the subject of Human Trafficking. Locking arms with other organizations in the community allows us to provide a network of care and support.

The Mobile Amazon Facility

The Mobile Amazon Facility

Celebrating it's one year anniversary in Mobile, the Amazon facility has offered to employ our Rose Center participants! This will be a wonderful option for the ladies, as it will provide them with sustainable employment in a safe and secure environment while working through our program. Our Alabama director toured the facility and met many of the employees, and we feel very good about this opportunity! Attaining workplace marketability is the third precondition of the Rose Center's Intervention Program.

Along with having a new option for employment, we just received a huge donation of winter clothing for the girls during these chilly months. Thank you for always answering when we call on you!! 

A truly awesome example of the impact of the Rose Center is making, we celebrated one lady who made the decision to leave her trafficker this month! She bravely took a monumental leap into freedom and has begun a new chapter in her life. Please continue to pray for her as this can be one of the scariest times for the ladies we work with.

If you want to do more for Eye Heart World, we invite you to join us as one of our 500 for Freedom! These are our most dedicated supporters, and none of what we do would be possible without them. Will you join us and stand up for survivors?