Give for Freedom

Good Surprises

Sometimes, life throws surprises at you. These surprises can knock you off of your feet, or they can pick you back up. This week, Eye Heart World was surprised in the best kind of way. 
We received a letter from Rachel Tarmann, an English teacher in Edgar, Wisconsin. Her eighth grade students had just finished learning about human trafficking, and as a part of their lessons, they fundraised over $1,224.52 to donate to Eye Heart World. What a wonderful surprise!
The students designed and ran eight creative fundraisers over the course of two weeks, including a scavenger hunt, a car wash, a basketball tournament, and a smoothie sale.  
What makes this gift even more personal is that the students chose to raise money for us out of five organizations in Wisconsin combatting human trafficking.
While it was exciting to open an envelope with a check for over one thousand dollars, it was very heartening to know that these students are mature enough to understand the crisis of human trafficking and compassionate enough to want to change it. Not only did they spread awareness through their social action projects, but they contributed to real change. Hopefully this dedication to service and impacting their world continues throughout their lives.
In the letter from Rachel, she wrote, “I was very proud of their hard work and desire to make a positive difference in the world”. We couldn’t agree more! Thank you, eighth graders at Edgar Middle School, and everyone who participated in the fundraisers.
Learning about truly kind human beings always makes me feel better about the world we live in, and when those people are so young, it also gives me hope for a brighter future.