Give for Freedom

Finding Freedom Inside A Jail Cell

Finding Freedom Inside A Jail Cell


What does Eye Heart World do?  How can we help girls?  Do you provide any services?  

These are all questions that we answer on a regular basis.  Instead of answering them, let me share a story of one of the girls that we helped.

We received a referral from our contact at the jail, she had an 18 year old female inmate who had been involved in trafficking with a pimp and wanted to get out of the life.  I got a team of two Outreach Team members to respond and go to meet with her.  

I spoke with the ladies after their meeting and both of them felt strongly about helping this young lady and described her desire to leave the life as being sincere.  Jamie, one of the Outreach Team members who met with her, felt led to continue to meet with her on a regular basis and give her someone to talk to.  This is the story, in Jamie's words, of what happened next:


"Starting to meet with her was a huge step of faith.  As we continued to meet, God continued to show up, big time. Every time I prayed 'God just use me. Give me the words to say and the scripture to use,' and every time He would, through scripture, prayer, and conversation. 

I remember questioning God one day, asking if He wanted me to continue meeting with her - if it was worth her time, my time, and His time. As it turns out, we met that night and God confirmed 'yes' when she accepted Him into her heart!

A few weeks later we found out that she was being released and we started looking for someplace for her to go. The night before her release, God gave us Galatians 5 to read beginning, 'Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you’ (MSG). 

I can honestly say, I've never seen God show up as much as He did when she and I met in that boring, white jail room. As God began to transform her heart and continued to transform mine, He continued to show me that all we had to be was WILLING for Him to do His work within and through the both of us.”


Jamie and I were both present the morning of her release.  We watched as this young lady walked out of the jail where she found freedom with her belongings in her arms.  On top of them all was her Bible, it had bookmarks, dog- eared pages, and was at the stop of what she carried. 

She was taken by Jamie, to a safe home in another state.  We have received a few updates that she is engaged and doing well in the safe home, getting her life, herself, and her independence back.  

This story answers the questions: what do we do, how can we help, do we provide services with this answer:  we look at each young lady that we meet with, ask what they need, and then seek out the resources they need or be that resource for them. 

This is what we do and what you make possible through your support. Thank you for choosing to take action and provide for these young ladies what no one else has been able to: hope.


Submitted by:

Dawn Spang, MS, NCC - Aftercare Director

Jamie Vandermause, MSW - Outreach Team Member