Give for Freedom

Five Hundred for Freedom

Five Hundred for Freedom is a new campaign with a big goal.

With the opening of The Rose Home right around the corner, we have a lot to celebrate. We would like to extend a huge, universal thank-you to everyone who made this goal a reality.

Getting the home up and running has been an enormous project, and we are about to face an even greater, more exciting one: keeping the home up and running.

Five Hundred for Freedom is your invitation to be a part of a young lady’s journey of healing.

Our goal is to find five hundred fantastic people who will each commit to giving a gift of $25 every month to fund resources for survivors. These angels will help fund all aspects of The Rose Home and provide this safe haven for surviving women in need.

We will provide the best care possible at The Rose Home. This means going beyond the basics to make sure these ladies can heal and thrive physically, emotionally, and mentally. You have a chance right here, right now, to be a positive force in a young woman’s life.

Will you become one of the Five Hundred for Freedom? Click here to join us!