Give for Freedom

February Newsletter from Wisconsin

Spreading The Love

February was a month of sprouting seeds and snow angels! Despite the cold, snow, and slush, we went out of our way to raise everyone's spirits. On Valentine's Day, the coaches at The Rose Home gave each of the participants a box of chocolates and a rose.

Everyone needs to feel loved. Unfortunately, many traffickers know this and use it to manipulate people. We want to show survivors that care and compassion can be given freely without expecting anything in return.

Preventing Trafficking & Empowering Girls

We’re bringing The Heart Tour to the Boy’s and Girl’s Club in Green Bay! The Heart Tour is a program that engages young girls who are at risk for human trafficking. We recently converted it from a one-day event into a six-part curriculum. Our goal is that by engaging with the girls over a longer period of time, the girls will understand that they are loved, not just on one special day, but always.

Over the next few weeks, the girls will continue to receive targeted education on trafficking, tips for staying safe, and messages of empowerment. Each lesson includes an introduction video, worksheets, activities, and giveaways. Eye Heart World is happy to provide each girl with the guidance they need to become strong women in their communities.

We’re so grateful to the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay for covering the cost of The Heart Tour. Thanks to them, every girl can attend at no cost!

The Rose Home’s First Graduate

We’re still so proud of our first-ever graduate from The Rose Home! She lives in her own apartment and drives her own car--truly living independently. Even with her new life, she hasn’t forgotten Eye Heart World. She makes an effort to stay connected by meeting with someone from our Outreach Team every month. She gets to see the participants at The Rose Home when they’re out in the community, usually volunteering or attending church. We’re so glad that she continues to surround herself with healthy supports.

A New Outreach Group

We've officially started our Outreach Group! It's an outpatient support group for girls who aren't at The Rose Home and girls who were previously at The Rose Home. Our first graduate showed off her orange rose ring, and everyone enjoyed community, encouragement, and some yummy snacks.

In The Rose Home

A Returning Survivor

We are excited to have welcomed back a returning participant today. She made a very smooth transition back into the home and is grateful to be back. She told a coach, “I prayed every day to come back because I didn’t want to go back to The Life. I knew there was nothing back there for me.”

Later, our returning participant told the same coach that she has gotten much closer to God during her time in transition. She talked about her struggles with wanting to use when she got frustrated. Instead of giving in, she reached out to her healthy supports from Eye Heart World and chose a better way.

She said she would have done “anything to come back to the home” over going back to The Life. She said she knows that God has watched over her and protected her through this whole process. It warmed the coach’s heart.

The coach remembered that the participant once said that, if she wasn’t here at the home, she would go back to The Life because she didn’t know anything else. When the coach brought this up to her, she said that she knows now she is stronger than that type of thinking.

A New Participant

Our newest participant entered Phase 2 of our program on Valentine’s Day. This is the quickest any of the participants have ever made it into Phase 2. That same week, she also got her ankle monitor off. She said that the thing she is most looking forward to is to possibly go swimming at the YWCA soon. All of the coaches are so proud of her growth and excited for what she’ll do next!

Family Connections

One of the participants was able to have a visit with her children for the first time in a year and a half. The visit went really well and her boys were very excited to see her.

Another participant spoke to her dad for the first time in two years. They told one another how much they missed each other, and some tears were shed. She is planning on going on her first pass with him next week.

Trafficking can harm and separate families. Any time we can witness a family start to reconnect, we know that healing is taking place.

Someone to Celebrate 

When one of our participants told us that no one had ever celebrated her birthday, we knew we had to change that. Her special day was this February, and we decided to plan a little party for her. Our coaches decorated The Rose Home with balloons, made sure to make her favorite meals, and of course, have a birthday cake! The participants, coaches, and other staff gathered to eat, laugh, and show off some dance moves. Even the first lady to graduate from The Rose Home attended! At the end of the celebration, the birthday girl teared up and thanked everyone for the wonderful day. One coach summed it all up, saying, “She was so happy and felt so loved.”

It’s all because of you!

Do you want to help throw birthday parties at The Rose Home? If you’ve ever made a gift to Eye Heart World, you did! Celebrations like this one wouldn’t be possible without our supporters.

Support the survivors at The Rose Home now!