Give for Freedom

February Newsletter from Alabama

February has been a big month for our Alabama Team and The Rose Center!

Community Connections

Being committed to creating a community where human trafficking can no longer thrive, we believe education plays a huge role in that. We have partnered with Mobile’s Rape Crisis Center, and they have invited us to train their new advocates on the issue of human trafficking and informing them on how The Rose Center can help.

We are also partnered with the Mobile Police Department and have started teaching in their Police Academy trainings. In these trainings, we educate the cadets on the reality of human trafficking, including the effects of trauma, poverty, sexual abuse, substance abuse, and homelessness on the issue.

Can You Help Us?

With spring approaching, we are in need of some assistance with landscaping at The Rose Center. We have a beautiful yard and courtyard for our participants and staff to sit and enjoy the shade of the trees, but during the fall and winter, those trees shed all of their leaves and completely cover the roof and yard. If you are interested in helping us with landscaping and yard maintenance, contact our volunteer coordinator

Also with the warmer temperatures of Spring, we are in need of some clothing to accommodate such temperatures for our participants. If you are looking to donate to our Rose Center boutique, we are welcoming summer-ready attire. Contact for more information.

We are also in need of some basic office supplies such as a metal, lockable, filing cabinet. As our Rose Center team grows, so do our files!

Our Inspiring Volunteers 

We just had our first volunteer orientation of 2019. Our volunteers were so interested in the issue of human trafficking, we actually ran late answering questions! We absolutely love getting to meet the ladies who want to get involved and have a passion for the cause and making a difference. Our second quarter orientation is on April 8th. If you are interested in getting involved at The Rose Center, contact our coordinator at

A Peek Inside The Rose Center

One of the many services we offer at The Rose Center is Life Classes. In these classes, we teach our participants the life skills needed to leave a life of trafficking and to help empower them into a life of freedom. We have recently partnered with Lifelines in Mobile to provide our participants with parenting classes and a team of local financial advisors to provide budgeting classes.

We are so thankful for our community and partnerships that make fighting the issue of human trafficking and exploitation possible! We cannot do this alone!

What It's All About

Last month, we added an intern to our team, and this month we have added a new case manager! We are so grateful to have found someone to bring on board and assist the ladies of The Rose Center in their walk to a life of freedom.

Without our amazing case managers, we would not be able to report such amazing strides our participants are making. One of our Rose Center participants has just entered Phase 3 of the program! Phase 3 is for survivors who have shown to be stable in 6 or more areas of our program, and are preparing to transition into long term independence. She is our very first participant to enter Phase 3 since our opening in last March. We are extremely proud of her and her bravery!