Give for Freedom

December Newsletter from Wisconsin

The Rose Home

The ladies at The Rose Home have had a busy December! With a home at almost full capacity with participants at almost every stage, it’s been a month with many different needs and many different personalities. The good news is that at every stage, they are making progress. One participant is participating more in groups than she did before. The two participants who have been here the longest have been making real progress and using “street thinking” a lot less. The two newer participants are doing very well acclimating to The Rose Home and putting real effort into the programming. These ladies are trying their best to change their lives for the better, and we’re honored to help them gain confidence and independence.

The participants pay attention to the chalkboard where coaches and participants alike write a “verse of the week” to look at and gain inspiration from. One week, a participant wrote out several verses from Psalm 6 that spoke to her. They didn’t all fit on the chalkboard, so she wrote some out just for herself!
Psalm 6:2 Be gracious to me, O Lord, for I am languishing; heal me, O Lord, for my bones are troubled. 6:6 I am weary with my moaning...6:9 The Lord has heard my plea…
During one community meeting, the participants had a lot of encouraging and positive things to say to and about one another. One participant told another that she was her angel and told the others that they are all her sisters, even on bad days. Another participant said that she was glad that some of her relationships in the home were re-established and differences were worked out. One of the newest participants told another that she would like to have the chance to get to know her better so they could also build a relationship. It was so heartwarming for the coaches to see the girls uplifting one another.

Of course, December felt like one long holiday season, and everyone at The Rose Home did their best to get into the spirit! The ladies went to Merry and Bright at Life Church, a kind of craft sale where vendors sold homemade products such as jewelry, art, woodworking items, quilts, and food. Eye Heart World also had a booth where advocates spoke with the public about our mission and progress.

All of the participants and coaches at The Rose Home got together for a Christmas party early on in the month. You can read more about it at (this blog post--link). Everyone isn’t often in the same place, and when we are, it’s mostly for business. Getting together for a fun event was such a treat! On Christmas Eve, Sgt. Wilson took the girls out to lunch to celebrate the holiday. Everyone’s so grateful for his support and the way he goes above and beyond his job description to show the ladies that he cares about each of them.

On Christmas day, the ladies who have children were able to video chat with their kids. The Joshua J Richards Charitable Foundation had donated toys for The Rose Home participants to give to their kids for Christmas. Such a sweet gesture helped the kids enjoy the holiday and helped the girls bond with their children. One of the participants was even able to visit her family. It was the first Christmas in two years that she was able to spend with her children and a very special moment.

Grateful for You

We want to thank everyone who helped make our holiday season special! So many groups and individuals come up with creative ways to support The Rose Home and the ladies we serve. We'd like to extend a special thank-you to the following groups:

We want to give a great big thank-you to 100 Women Who Care Green Bay ! They raised 11,600 for EHW. Each lady in this fantastic group of women donates $100 for an event. They then watch presentations from several charities and vote for who will win the money for that night. Thank you so much for choosing Eye Heart World!

Advent Angel Tree has given tons of clothing and other personal items. Parishioners each took an angel and returned a gift matching the requested item. They also gave gift cards! Zenith Express Delivery did a similar giving tree. An employee set up her Christmas tree, which was decorated with needs of The Rose Home. People responded so well to it, and it's such a great help! Of course, thank you to Jackie Pische from the Joshua J Richards Charitable Foundation for the toys for The Rose Home participants' kids. Nicolet Bank's Foundation raised money for Eye Heart World, as well!

Thanks to everyone who gave to Eye Heart World this season. Every little bit helped to make the survivors we serve feel surrounded by support and love.

Looking Ahead

A new year means new visions and goals for Eye Heart World. Right away, we’re kicking things off with Human Trafficking Awareness Month in January! We’ll be sharing lots of great info, including what survivors want you to know about human trafficking, why you should wear blue on January 11, what factors cause a person to be more vulnerable to be trafficked, and how you can help.
An easy way for anyone to help support Eye Heart World and the participants at The Rose Home is by joining 500 for Freedom. When you join, you pledge to make a monthly gift to Eye Heart World. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on where your money goes and how it touches the lives of real survivors in our area. We invite you to take a stand with us and help create a community where trafficking cannot thrive.