Give for Freedom

What We Value Most

At Eye Heart World, every aspect of our work is rooted in our Core Values. They define our language and culture, setting the standard by which we hire staff, create our programming, and serve our clients and the community.

Our Core Values are:

  • Strength-Based
  • Teachability
  • Ownership
  • Generosity
  • Communication

We invite you to explore these values more deeply with us and look at the ways we practice them every day.


“We are life-giving in all that we say and all that we do. From the way in which we greet people, to the way that we handle conflict, we always seek to build life, not to tear it down.”

When we designed the programming at The Rose Home and The Rose Center, we were intentional about creating a strength-based space. Survivors of sex trafficking have heard the message that their only value comes from how much money they can make by selling their bodies. We knew that we wanted to attack that message and instead tell survivors that they have strengths and value.


“We are teachable, always seeking opportunities to grow, recognizing that each new opportunity and level of growth carries with it an assignment of refinement.”

Each person on our team of experts is great at what they do. We also know that as the world changes, the needs of those we serve & the best practices for how to do that will change. That’s why we’re committed to constant learning and constant improvement.

One way our outreach staff does this is by participating in conferences around the country. There, they learn about the many anti-trafficking efforts at work today and share the ways we contribute and support survivors.


“We are committed to quality in all that we do, each owning the responsibility not only of our individual actions, but also of protecting the integrity of Eye Heart World’s mission and name.”

We recognize that nobody is perfect, and we believe in owning our mistakes. We also believe in owning our strengths and taking credit for our wins. On good and bad days, we know that the honesty and integrity that lead to ownership are always the right way to go.

Our office staff embodies ownership every day when they put their best foot forward in everything they do. From taking initiative on new projects to handling customer service in a transparent way, even our work behind the scenes demonstrates ownership.

We also take ownership of the high-quality products on our line. We’re proud that they are Made in the USA in factories with ethical standards and wages. Some of our products, like our Eye Heart World V-Neck and Let It Not Be Said Shirt, are made by women transitioning out of homelessness. Every part of our work is committed to owning up to the same people-first standards.


“We are generous and open-handed in every aspect, living off of the belief that we reap the fruit of the seed that we place in the ground.”

We understand that survivors of sex trafficking have often felt undervalued. In order to show them that they are important and deserving of love, we go above and beyond to support them. One way we do this is through our boutique. Ever single survivor who enters The Rose Home or The Rose Center is able to pick out an outfit from our boutique, which includes high-quality new or gently used clothes. It’s a small example of our generosity: clothing freely given to survivors without any expectations attached.

We believe in recognizing and uplifting the organizations who support us. The only way we can create a community where trafficking cannot thrive is by working together with the entire community and giving credit where credit is due.


“We are committed to clear, transparent communication internally, with our donors, and within our community of clients whom we serve.”

Communication with community partners helps us find survivors who could use our services. Communication helps us connect survivors with the resources they need. It’s fair to say that if we aren’t communicating, every part of our work starts to fall apart.

Communication also helps you understand what we do and how you can be a part of it. So, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! We want to communicate with you at and on social media.