Give for Freedom

A Thankful Thanksgiving


Yesterday was a very special day for a very special young lady. 

In February of this year, one of the first graduates from our three-month trauma intensive program at the Rose Home moved out of the Rose Home and back in with her mom. When she felt that she was ready to move on, she knew it would be tough. But we were committed to supporting her as much as she needed. 

A few weeks ago, she stopped into the office for one of her follow up appointments with her case worker. She beamed as she told a few of our staff members that since she left the Rose Home she got a job, has received two promotions, saved enough money to buy a car, regained custody of her children, and has now saved enough money to get her own apartment!

We were all overjoyed to hear just how well she is doing! Then, we dropped into "let's get her set up" mode and started helping her find someplace safe and supportive to land. 

Well, Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, she moved into her new apartment thanks to our amazing friends at Freedom House in Green Bay! Freedom House is an amazing organization that offers the education, practical support and renewed hope that can propel a family from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

Then it got even better. If you've ever cooked Thanksgiving dinner, then you know that it's not the first thing you want to do as you're moving into a new home. Well, Wednesday we got a call from our friends at Festival Foods that they had full Thanksgiving dinner for a family in need!

So our sweet, empowered friend got to enjoy Thanksgiving in her new apartment with her children on her first full day at home! Talk about a reason to be thankful!

And we are thankful for you! When you donate to Eye Heart World or purchase one of our products, you are DIRECTLY supporting this kind of life change. One year ago, this young lady was lost, hurting, and hopeless. Now, she is safe, healing, and empowered - thanks to you!