Give for Freedom

A Good Day

Some days, we are presented with opportunities to plant seeds of hope. Other days, we get to water them. And then some days, we get to see the fruit. 

This past Thursday was one of the amazing, energy-inducing, belief-building days where we got to see the fruit of seeds that were planted and watered. 

Several months back we worked with a young lady named Caitlin. We were at a lunch meeting on a rainy day when we received a call from one of our contacts in law enforcement. He had come across Caitlin’s online ad in Green Bay. From there he was able to catch her trafficker and remove her from the situation. He called us to see if we could help. 

We jumped at the opportunity.

We quickly wrapped up our meeting, and our co-founder, Season, headed off to the police station. When Season arrived, the first thing she noticed was Caitlin’s trafficker’s named tattooed on her neck. Season gave her a Response Bag, talked with her about her options, and told Caitlin that she had so much more to live for. 

Still, she showed little interest in making any significant changes. 

Caitlin had a family member that was very involved in her life and wanted to help her make the right changes. Our aftercare director, Dawn, worked with Caitlin and her family to help them get connected with local resources. Dawn stayed in contact with them for quite some time, but Caitlin showed little progress. Then we completely lost touch with them. 

Fast forward several months to this past Thursday. 

Dawn got a call from that same officer that initially called us - and he was ecstatic. He told Dawn that Caitlin’s family member stopped by the police station to tell them that Caitlin had been clean for several months and had broken all ties with her trafficker!  

Now, we’re working to help Caitlin have her trafficker’s tattoo branding removed from her neck, and help her find long-term placement at a residential program for trafficking survivors. 

We wanted to share this wonderful story with you because when you buy a product or make a gift, this is the impact that you create. Thank you!


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*Caitlin’s name has been changed to protect her identity.