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Happy Birthday To Us!

Happy Birthday to us!! 

It’s hard to believe, but six years ago today, Eye Heart World began with an awareness event and a short run of handbags. Since that time it’s evolved from a simple response into a full fashion brand and a strategic mission focused on ending modern day slavery through awareness, prevention, and aftercare. Together, we’re able to make a tangible difference in the lives of girls and young women as we provide targeted prevention on the front end, and much needed support for those leaving the life of exploitation.

So we wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on what all has happened and some of the plans we have for the future.

Where we’ve been.

  • Awareness: We’ve helped to educate tens of thousands of people on the realities of modern-day slavery literally from Florida to California, and Alabama all the way up to Wisconsin. We’ve been able to be a resource for people to take action through our products and also through tangible tools that they can use on their own.
  • Prevention: We’ve spoken to thousands of students in a variety settings ranging from school classrooms to youth groups. We even started a targeted program called The Heart Tour that is designed specifically for the girls most at risk for exploitation.
  • Aftercare: At first we had the honor of supporting major anti-trafficking groups in their efforts. Then along the way we saw some gaps we could fill in, and we’ve supplied over 350 Victim Response Bags to first responders in seven states and even been able to place therapy dogs in aftercare homes in the states.

Where we’re going.

  • Awareness: As our product line continues to grow, so do the opportunities to spread the knowledge that not only does slavery still exist, but so does the opportunity to get involved and stop it. We’ll be even more strategic in educating our own communities and professionals from various lines of work on the specifics of what trafficking is and what they can do.
  • Prevention: The Heart Tour has grown into a force of its own and we have big plans this year in multiple states. We’ve even been given the opportunity to take this program to a large group of special, young girls in Honduras this year! 
  • Aftercare: We are in the development phase of our very first residential aftercare program for survivors in the states! The home will take a holistic approach and help these girls navigate through the trauma they’ve experienced and empower them to live up to their innate potential. Additionally, the VRB Project will continue to be a rallying point for the community and we have plans to make it even more accessible for people to get involved and resource first responders in their communities. We’re already prepped to place our next therapy dog in an aftercare home in the states through our partnership with our wonderful friends at Smeraglia and Co.

We say all of that to say this: THANK YOU! People like you have been a part of every single step of the process because it takes all of us to make a difference and bring modern day slavery to an end. We wish we could thank each of you personally right here and now, but the list would go on for days! Take a moment and give yourself a hand because you’ve decided to move from tears to action and use what’s in your hands to make a difference.

Thank you for a great six years - we can’t wait for all the years we have ahead of us to Carry The Cause!