Give for Freedom

7 Ways You Can Help Eye Heart World Today!

Human Trafficking Awareness Month has come to an end. We hope you learned something new about sex trafficking. Maybe you feel the urge to DO something about what you learned. We sure did! Here are some ways that you can act today to help Eye Heart World fight human trafficking in Wisconsin and Alabama.

1. Pray

Not everyone has money or time to give, but anyone can pray for Eye Heart World and the people we serve. We’ve compiled a prayer guide to get you started, which you can find here.



2. Join 500 for Freedom

This is our favorite way to donate to Eye Heart World! Commit to give a $25 gift to Eye Heart World every month and become one of 500 people who make up our strongest support--one of our 500 for Freedom. Learn more or join us here.


3. Cook Meals in Alabama

We’re looking for small groups of people who love to cook! The Rose Center in Mobile, Alabama will offer lunch to our drop-in participants every day, and we’re looking for volunteers to cook on a regular rotating basis. If you’re interested in this uniquely yummy opportunity, please contact Crystal at


4. Sponsor a Room at the Rose Center

Now that we have a beautiful building for our Rose Center, we need to fill the rooms! We’re looking for several incredible volunteers to each sponsor a room at the Rose Center. We will provide a list of what we’re looking for in each room, and you can have a huge impact on the lives of survivors.


5. Donate to a Survivor’s Future

At the Rose Home and the Rose Center, we will direct the ladies we serve to paths that will lead them where they want to go in life. You can provide a survivor with trauma-informed therapy or continued education: it’s up to you!


6. Donate Gift Cards

Both the Rose Home and the Rose Center are in need of gift cards, particularly those to grocery stores and coffee shops. These help us buy groceries for our participants and take them out for treats.


7. Volunteer

We have various opportunities to volunteer. In Mobile, Alabama, we recently had a volunteer weekend where people cleaned up the Rose Center. In Green Bay, Wisconsin, we recently asked volunteers to help us move our office location across town. We post these opportunities on Facebook as they come up, so keep an eye out! You can also make sure you know about volunteer opportunities first by signing up at


In closing, we would like to thank everyone who has helped Eye Heart World. If you have given time, money, or prayer to Eye Heart World, know that we appreciate you and we would not be where we are today without you. We hope that you will stay by our side as we move forward and continue this fight against human trafficking!