Give for Freedom

3 Things a Birthday Celebration Means


For a survivor of sex trafficking, something as simple as a birthday can hold a lot of meaning. One of the residents at the Rose Home recently had a birthday, and there were plenty of hugs, crepes, and excitement. Here are three things that the celebration meant to her:

  1. You are acknowledged. When somebody sells another person, they do not see that person as a full human being; they see them as property. Simply recognizing somebody’s birthday tells that person that they are a human being who deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. You are celebrated. Celebrating a person’s birthday is a way of celebrating that person. This can have extra meaning to a person who has been abused and exploited in the past and is probably not used to being recognized in this way. At the Rose Home, we want to show every one of the survivors of trafficking that they are a miracle who deserves to be celebrated.
  3. You are supported. On this resident’s birthday, many people came together to celebrate. She was lifted up by all of the coaches and residents, and her support network was made clear.